Writing prompts are often a great way to get started when facing a white page ( or screen). When doodling, it can also help to have a prompt of some sort to get started. In Zentangle® all it takes is a 'string' which is any type of line or mark drawn in pencil on your paper to guide or divide your design in sections.

Just because you begin within a string does not mean you can't expand on it or
even ignore it altogether once you get started. This design started with this
squiggle or 'string' for those of you from the Zentangle camp!

Try changing the direction from which you view your design and see which you like best! There are other prompts you can use to get started. I like to cut out shapes from magazines to use for an outline and fill in the outlined form such as the dog design you will find in the gallery. I've also traced around cookie cutters, used stencils, of even ideas from color books or online coloring sheets to get started. There is no limit to how you can get jump-started when in the mood to doodle!!!

What are some ways you get started on a clean page???

1/5/2016 17:34:32


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