While looking at some new (to me) creative websites/ blogs, I happened upon this entry at Stamping Ground asking "What's on Your Workdesk"? ...WOYWW=What's on your workdesk-Wednesdays. So I followed the urge and snapped this shot.
An eye opener for those crafting buddies of mine who are under the illusion that
I am sooo organized! NOT True! This is my reality! 

Today I've been doodling and surfing the web looking for new inspiration and ideas and somewhere along the line the stray  thought interrupted that I need to sort coupons so they too are under there somewhere...

A friend sent the blank page little house notebook she made and I've decided to fill it with doodle notes and send it back to her!

Shhhh don't tell, if she reads this entry-she can figure it out on her own!

This site, doodle blog, and Gallery are a relatively new online project.
Have a look around!
I'd sure love to hear your feedback in comments!!!

Have a blessed day!
aka: Daylee Doodler
Ali H
4/3/2013 08:22:18

Welcome to WOYWW - soon you'll be addicted to blog hopping like we are as well as doodling ! Love your designs ! Have a fun crafty week ! Ali #20

4/3/2013 09:20:36

Hi Ali...I enjoyed my visit to your blog! Thanks for the Welcome to WOYWW group, I'm looking forward to future visits! :

4/3/2013 08:51:17

I love the idea of a friend making you a book your then filling it and sending it back to her how lovely.

Your workspace looks great

Enjoy your WOYWW sunny day today
Ria #64

4/3/2013 09:22:37

Thanks Rita...we live across the country from each other so it is hard to 'compare notes...thought this might be a neat way to exchange ideas....my granddaughter ( age 6) claimed the other little notebooks she sent but didn't like the 'weird shaped one as she called it...LOL ;)

4/3/2013 09:24:04

Welcome to WOYWW..You'll soon by hooked. I really like your doodle design. Happy crafting #92

4/3/2013 17:13:11

Thanks so much for stopping by, I'm working mu way through the WOYWW 'neighborhood' and will pop in soon!!! Be blessed!

4/3/2013 10:40:29

I love doodling but I am not very good I run out of steam. Yours are lovely.
Karen #192

4/3/2013 17:15:22

Karen...actually since discovering the Zentangle website, I've been making an effort to focus and slow down on each design. I tend to start of fine but then want to rush because I want to see how close the idea I have in my head looks to what makes it to paper! LOL
Be blessed!

4/3/2013 11:05:16

Ha! Ha! you're hooked!!
This is like my day off once I have posted mine......... I go travelling all over, we're a very talented lot aren't we? and so many different ways to create!
Bishopsmate #75

4/4/2013 09:08:00

Hi Christine....I'm loving seeing all the amazing creativity displayed during these desk visits!! Thanks for stopping by!

4/3/2013 12:02:57

Hi Deb! Thanks for the peek at your work desk. It's rather neat considering the tiny space you have! I'd like a peek at your floor- mine is a huge mess! which of course I'm always planning to organize! You asked for feedback and I noticed that when I clicked on your name in the comments (from my email), it didn't show your profile. You should enable access to your profile so you can get return visitors. Hugs from the Philippines! Patsy from <br /><a href="http://patsypat.blogspot.com"


4/3/2013 17:17:07

Thanks for the tip Patsy!! I'll try changing my signature tomorrow!!!

Liz B
4/3/2013 13:08:24

Welcome to WOYWW! I love your doodles! Very inspiring!

4/3/2013 17:18:03

Thanks Liz...stop in often! :)

4/3/2013 16:39:58

I love your doodles! I have a good friend who loves doodling,she does it by the hour and does such great work. I hope you enjoy hopping around and seeing what other people have on their work desks. Have a creative week. Cathryn #128

4/3/2013 17:20:00

Cathryn I only recently rediscovered my love for doodling and totally understand your frien spending hours a day doodling. You mean there is a lifew without pen in hand? ;)

4/4/2013 15:49:10

aha, Debbie, welcome indeed we are a mad bunch but full of good ideas as you will find and welcoming to new folk too : D ayes can relate to your work area smiled at Julia's being on the screen! and love the doodles well done - great share.

Thanks so much for sharing ~ happy 200 WOYWW!
Shaz in Oz.x #9

4/4/2013 23:17:48

welcome to WOYWW - you'll soon become hooked! and what a lovely surprise for your friend - i'm sure she'll love it :)
thank you for visiting already and leaving a lovely comment - sorry it's taken a while to reply, kids at home tend to take over :)
belated WOYWW wishes and have a great week!
no. 2

Lunch Lady Jan
4/5/2013 02:27:50

Hello there Debbie, nice to meet you...thanks for dropping by my blog! You'll enjoy being part of WOYWW, the generosity and warmth shared by people from all around the world is just fantastic!
I like your doodles very much...I tried Zentangling once, but it wasn't for me...so I really admire those of you who do it so well!!! Lovely idea to fill up the book and give it back..truly passing the love on :)
Hugs, LLJ 35 xxxx

4/5/2013 04:26:33

I think you little house doodle book is going to be great, she will love it because it has come from your heart.

Happy Belated WOYWW
Eliza 42

6/12/2013 06:54:18

Welcome! It's my first WOYWW too! Wishing you all the best! Emma 131 (late to the party!)x


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