Well - I picked up my phone to snap a picture of the desk and found I never charged it yesterday as planned so while my smart phone is recharging its brain cells, I'll fill you in on my very productive week!If you need to get a look at some GREAT work spaces, hurry on over to the Stamping Ground you can get there easily by clicking the WOYWW button above!

After a very busy week and weekend drawing, doodling and designing nearly non-stop...my desk is shockingly empty..... I mean totally except for the keyboard and monitor of course. LOL... So I guess it is a good week for my camera to be napping. Have no fear, I doubt it stays that way past noon today!

I have gotten totally addicted to designing ATCs and so in between working on a couple larger projects, I've been taking breaks making and trading ATCs.

ATCs are mini-works of art in any media done an a 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inch cards. Here are a few I've made and already traded this week! Do you make ATCs? If you are looking for a way to learn more and find others to trade with, check out the site ATCs For All  you can sign up for free and post cards to your own gallery to start trading! There are a lot of great forums and great fun to be found there!
Well until next week...keep on creating! I'm off to desk hop and see what some of YOU have been up to this week~~!

No doubt you picked up on the fact that there are a lot of feathers flying around hey?

Well that is because I am doing a set of (4) 8 x 10 inch pictures for a friend's new home. The first which has taken me over 20 hours .... I hope she does not read this so I can give you a sneak peek. She is busy packing up everything except her laptop so I don't think she has been blog hopping lately. Here is the first of her four pieces...shhhh don't tell!
5/15/2013 01:36:57

Wow! Your doodles are amazing! I got into making ATCs for a while, then moved onto postcards. I just love to try anything. I'll check out the ATC site you've mentioned.
Paisley and Brown Paper (59)

5/15/2013 02:00:36

Thanks..oh, I'm also thinking of adding post cards to my list! You can post 'mail art' ( other things that are not ATC size on that site as well....

5/15/2013 01:41:58

Wow! Love, love , love those feathers. Your friend is going to love your gift. WOYWW Hugs to you from Helen 88

5/15/2013 02:02:05

Thanks Helen! She only specified the pieces be done with a 'Native American feel' so It is up to me what they will be. This one is definitly the most detailed one I have in mind! LOL ...

5/15/2013 02:02:02

Ooooh - stunningly amazing doodles and the feather one for your friend knocked my socks off !! :-)
I love doing ATCs but find it hard to do Swaps since I live in Greece :-(
Happy WOYWW 206 - very nice to meet you. !

Ike xx #102


5/15/2013 03:05:20


5/15/2013 05:45:20

Thanks for stopping by Sue!

5/15/2013 05:06:44

Wow what amazing doodling! It's too good just to call it doodling!! I just love your ATC's. It's not something I make, but I love yours they are so beautiful, the feathers remind me of dreamcatchers, absolutely wonderful. Your friend is very lucky to have your unique artwork in her new home. Happy WOYWW! Karen 127 x

5/15/2013 05:46:31

Thanks Karen the ATCs are a new experiment for me! I like that they can be finished quickly compared to a full-size project!

5/15/2013 06:07:21

Oh wow Deb, that picture for your friend is amazing. I bet it took an age to do because there’s so much work in it.
Loving the ATC’s too.
Happy Crafting!
Sue @ #42

5/15/2013 08:10:16

Hi Deb
your pen work is totally amazing and as I have told you before your feather work blows me away it is right up my street with my love of angels. I love looking at your work
Have a great WOYWW today and a fabby week
Ria #21

5/15/2013 09:03:00

What a delight to find your blog and see your art!

5/15/2013 10:46:29

I love the seahorse, supper doodles. Thanks for popping by today BJ#1

5/15/2013 12:14:31

Wow you've been busy your ATC's are just so creative and thanks for the sneak peak at them. Your friend is going to have such a treat seeing your art framed up in her place it's beautiful hugs Nikki #2

5/15/2013 15:22:00

Fabulous! I'm Ethereal_sheep at ATCs for all :) I hope to see you around!

Katie 122

5/16/2013 10:18:29

WOW - I would hardly call those feathers doodling. What a great site you have here!! The feathers are true works of art...each one so full of detail. Thanks for the link to ATC's for all. I do really like working in that size. It's a great way to get things rolling in a longer session or just fun to do if you have a bit of time. Thanks for visiting the Fun Room....have a great week.

5/17/2013 08:28:47

Your drawings are so amazing, your friend is soo lucky to have such an amazing artist as a friend.
Gabriele #61

5/18/2013 11:49:02

I love those feathers. Good on your for your patience in creating this level of detail !

5/20/2013 11:17:39

I love your doodling, it is something I want to try. After all it was all we did as teenagers on our books in class!
Happy late WOYWW, migraine stopped play.

Cazzy x #152/153


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