Some days you feel in the mood to create but just cannot seem to get started...

Often I hesitate putting that first intentional mark on a clean piece of paper-yet I have no problem doddling on napkins, notes, scraps of paper.

Crazy, but true!

So sometimes instead of doodling a card design and then debating what, if anything, I should do about a background-I just get the background out of the way first.

Step one - I decided to get rid of the solid white card staring at me.

I reversed my usual routine...
by filling in the background first!

With that done, I no longer had a blank white card staring at me and could just see what patterns might be applied.

Then just started adding patterns. Still no special designs in mind.

It is always a bit of a surprise!

Even when I think I am 'planning' a final outcome, seldom is it exactly what I had in mind at the beginning of a project.

For me, that is all part of the creative process.
I encourage you to make a move..take a first step in the direction of creativity by simply making a mark on that piece of paper.

If you absolutely must, go ahead and use pencil so you can erase if you feel the need to do so.

Using pen or markers requires a commitment to follow through-once it is there-it is hard to turn back or change your mind!

More patterns added ...this is a small 'all occasion card'.
What occasion would you use this card for?
What type of message might you write inside?

Thes small cards make great small 'canvases' to explore doodle options on.
It is ok if you are not thrilled with every project!

I'm betting you can always find someone to send that 'less-than-perfect' bit of creativity too that will be thrilled they have a customized keepsake from you.

And, there we have it!

A finished card ready to go into the supply box for a special occasion in the future or perhaps, be used to send a 'thinking about you' message to a friend or relative that you haven't touched base with in a while.

Have you created any doodle-art cards?
I'd love to see them!

Join my Facebook community page HERE and post your card! If you would like me to add it to the Doodle Gallery just say so when you post it at Facebook and I'll place it in this gallery along with a link to your website or homepage if you'd like!

Have fun and take time to doodle something today!

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