Well...Here I am finally back after a long absence. While MIA here and in my other sites, I've been undergoing some major changes. Moved with my daughter and her family to Alabama and have been taking time to reassess and plan my future on a bit of a different plot than I had planned  but it is ok.

Moving ahead and finally taking time for me once again.

I visited Erin at The Bright Owl  and took on Zendala Dare #72!  The first I've done in several weeks!  Here is what the template looked like...
There was an extra challenge to work our tangles or design with a larger pen so I used the 08 Black Micron.  If you look at my logo and many of the pieces in my gallery here you can see that I often work with a larger pen than many experienced Zentangle artists. Still this template was challenging do to the small spaces.

I am not exactly happy with this, especially the shading which I may rework. Or, I may try a second version entirely. But here is this end result weak shading and all...

Thanks for stopping by!
9/8/2013 07:18:48

This certainly was a hard one to do. I think your solution worked perfectly. Very nice tangling!

9/9/2013 03:23:20

Thanks Jean. I'm a bit rusty after not picking up my pens for a bit. But getting back into the swing of things!

9/8/2013 13:23:55

I think it looks great!

9/9/2013 03:21:44

Cathy! Thanks for stopping by!

9/8/2013 14:53:20

Like your highlights in the outer triangles. I think it is harder to come up with ways to adapt with the larger nib.

9/9/2013 03:20:52

Donald true. It use a larger nib often but a lot of times on freestyle designs and larger spaces!

9/9/2013 19:12:21

Very well done.


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