This week's Zendala decided a trip to the dark side was the order of the day. I really thought the template called for something light and airy then, as sometimes happens, this zendala decided to go a different direction entirely! So I guess maybe it is a reminder that sometimes things are a combination of black and white! I continue to go with the flow and add a outer border to fill the 5 1/2 inch diameter paper.
 Good-morning all from DayLee Doodler!  I am back online thanks to a new-to-me laptop computer!

Different than my old PC and I am still learning the controls and so on but much easier to see than trying to post from my phone or tablet!

I sent off several ATCs to WOYWW desk hoppers last week. Hopefully you have received them, or they will arrive soon (one is on its way from here in the US to Scotland!)  

Unfortunately I lost my pics including the WOYWW button on my old computer but will be snagging it again.

In the meanwhile pop on over to The Stamping Ground and click on the links to visit desk hoppers from around the world!

Have not really doodled much the past few days. here is a Zendala design in progress...I promise a more interesting desk next week, perhaps the WOYWW ATCs will be in by then! Have a blessed day!