WOYWW4.....and my computer is dead!
Sad and to the point...my computer
died last week and all efforts to revive it have failed so I am making this entry on my phone. An interesting experience.  Did not want to miss the celebrations at the  Stamping Ground and if you look just below my monitor...you can glimpse the ATC I have ready to go!
Coyote....to go with the feather art shared in a earlier post
So...I am posting this blind since I  can't find preview on this app......WOYWW4.....Let's party!
Last week I took the plunge and decided to start adding shading to my Zendalas and I am really enjoying the dept it brings to them!

Line work still ongoing and I've been getting a lot of creative time in working on several pen and ink projects including the commissioned pieces I talk about in the previous post and the Artist Trading Cards venture that is almost as addicting as Zendalas!

So, this post will be brief but of course the point is to show this week's creation!
Be sure to click on the Zendala Dare button to visit and see a more creative interpretations of this week's template!


Well - I picked up my phone to snap a picture of the desk and found I never charged it yesterday as planned so while my smart phone is recharging its brain cells, I'll fill you in on my very productive week!If you need to get a look at some GREAT work spaces, hurry on over to the Stamping Ground you can get there easily by clicking the WOYWW button above!

After a very busy week and weekend drawing, doodling and designing nearly non-stop...my desk is shockingly empty..... I mean totally except for the keyboard and monitor of course. LOL... So I guess it is a good week for my camera to be napping. Have no fear, I doubt it stays that way past noon today!

I have gotten totally addicted to designing ATCs and so in between working on a couple larger projects, I've been taking breaks making and trading ATCs.

ATCs are mini-works of art in any media done an a 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inch cards. Here are a few I've made and already traded this week! Do you make ATCs? If you are looking for a way to learn more and find others to trade with, check out the site ATCs For All  you can sign up for free and post cards to your own gallery to start trading! There are a lot of great forums and great fun to be found there!
Well until next week...keep on creating! I'm off to desk hop and see what some of YOU have been up to this week~~!

No doubt you picked up on the fact that there are a lot of feathers flying around hey?

Well that is because I am doing a set of (4) 8 x 10 inch pictures for a friend's new home. The first which has taken me over 20 hours .... I hope she does not read this so I can give you a sneak peek. She is busy packing up everything except her laptop so I don't think she has been blog hopping lately. Here is the first of her four pieces...shhhh don't tell!
I had fun with this dare as I found it a good opportunity to work on two weak points for me...lines and shading.

While there is still room for improvement, isn't there always?

Overall I like how this turned out.

I just happened to have a piece of scrapbook paper in gray and I like how it shows off both the lines and accents the shading so maybe I'll actually frame this one like this and give it as a Christmas gift!

Have a great week all...!

Thanks Erin once again for the fantastic fun at The Bright Owl by providing us with the weekly Zendala Dares.

Perhaps the better question is not What's on Your Work desk...but, What isn't?

It took me five minutes to find my phone under there so I could take a picture!

I've had a busy week/ weekend and in addition to the artwork even got in a writing assignment! The feathers and dreamcatcher is a 5 x 7 ordered to be delivered this weekend.

Micron pen done on watercolor paper ..

This is the very beginning of a 8 x 11 piece with feathers that will be done in the same style. For a different order.

Feathers seem to be popular lately which is good because they are fun to do and I've yet to do any exactly alike!


This started out black and white. However, a friend requested a feather in multicolor so I dug out the watercolor pencils and give this ink piece a color wash. ( I still am a black & white fan)  

Mandalas, Zendalas, floral doodles, and doodle ideas in the journal are all under this mess somewhere... I'll pst some of those the next time!
If you are curious about What's on other work desks...head on over to Julia's at the Stamping Ground!
Well - This challenge is a bit different on several fronts! First - the challenge was to do this Zendala in pencil! When I went to print out the template, I found I was out of ink! Grrr.... Well, where there's a will-there's a way! Right?

So I ended up holding a paper to my monitor with one hand and tracing the template with the other...lines were a bit shaky but they are after all guidelines. I used a soft drawing pencil which may not have been the best option as I really had a time with unintentional smudges as I worked my way around the Zendala.

Some of those smudges did add some automatic shading while I added shading to some smudged areas in an attempt to even things out without erasing.

Not my favorite template or treatment of it. However, I just couldn't resist the dare!

So here is the final results!

Be sure to go visit the post at THE BRIGHT OWL and see what others have accomplished with this dare!!!

Typical mess...I know I have something interesting finished around here....somewhere!
Well...It is about time that I am able to make this entry! I had full intentions to posting with the first 100 for today's desk visit but my blog host was not cooperating!

So there's the usual mess...LOL. I told you my neat desk photo was not typical! But I was able to uncover a couple of the latest projects. The little gift box  propped next to my cup is waiting to be finished. It got shoved to the side when my NEW PAPERS came in...of course I had to give these circular papers from Paper Source a try!

These circular papers are perfect for mandalas and zendalas!!! They were available 'in limited supply'...I sure hope they means they will be reordering a new supply because I am loving how they work with the Micron pens!

After posting this page from my doodle journal...I got a request for a set of four-8x10 inch ink artwork with a Native American feel to it to go in a friend's new house. So I am excited about getting started! Have a blessed and crafty day friends!

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