All pens are not created equal. Nor are writing and/ or drawing and creative surfaces for that matter. I had not realized how spoiled I was using Micron pens almost exclusively the past few months until they all began to run dry at the same time.  I then picked up a pack of Prismacolor pens that included a brush tip and a calligraphy tip in the set.  I have several friends who are as partial to Prismas as I am to Microns but there is a difference.

Then my Prismas also went dry. Recovering from holiday spending left me lacking funds so I got desperate enough in looking for creative options to *gasp pick up a simple sketching pencil!  This owl was done in pencil and overall I am pleased with the way he turned out....
I then decided to try an eagle also using pencil.  I'm not as thrilled with the eagle as I am the owl. It may be that I am simply drawn to owls more as they, like myself are nocturnal by nature!
I also tried several brands of ball point pens for drawing options and am not thrilled with the results thus far but of course there are many different pen options and I've barely scratched the surface. The search continues to find 'the BEST' pen/pencil/combination for artistic purposes. Then again I am also still exploring surface options and as we all know different surfaces require different  mediums. 
The good part of this period of exploration is that I am spending more time working on my creative doodling options.
Jodi Desautels
1/27/2014 14:43:44

I like your creative doodling options! So…keep doodling! Oh…and…if you want to illustrate one of my books, we can still talk! ;-)


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