Hooray! Welcome to the very first TAG You're it Thursday Challenge!
A dark dreary rainy day in Georgia prompted me to think outside the usual Zendella tiles, mandellas circles and stardard doodle pads to get creative with some craft tags that I had hanging around.

 The tags I used were scrapbook tags measuring about 2 and a half by 4 and a half
inches. You can use premade tags or make your own .... who is ready for a
challenge? TAG YOU ARE IT!

Here's mine to give you an iea...feel free to make your tags larger or smaller, decorative only or specific to an occassion let's see what your creative muses come up with!!! 
When you've finished your creative tag, post a picture of it on your blog and then come back and add your name and link here!  Have fun ... TAG You're IT!

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